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How Do I Create Effective Marketing Videos for Business?

By January 18, 2016March 23rd, 2020Digital Marketing

Marketing Videos for Business Tips Every Video Producer Should Know

One of the most important things missed when companies produce a promotional or corporate video is a good pre-awareness campaign. By generating interest in your film prior to its release you will ensure that its views grow quickly and that the money spent on it works as hard as it can.

So, you know how important marketing videos for business are and you’ve made a promotional video. What next? Do you just stick it on your website and wait for the views to stack up? If you do then you’re missing out on a vital part of your supplier/customer conversation and not giving your new creation the press it deserves! Just because your film doesn’t feature a Hollywood A-lister or a whopping great special effects budget doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it the full marketing treatment. By adopting a similar approach to that of the major Hollywood studios a business can use the film’s physical production process as a marketing tool in itself.

In Production

Start right from the beginning by tweeting/posting the news that you are “in production” on your new corporate or promotional video. You can create a hashtag for the film and start drip feeding small news items about it online. For example you could share news about the script being completed or the casting process.

The actual filming offers a great chance to generate even more collateral that you can share to drive anticipation of your film. People love “Behind the scenes” items so try to do the following once shooting has commenced:

Tweet updates throughout the day.
Take and share photos of the shoot.
Post a blog article about the first day filming.

marketing videos for business

Think Big

All through the process don’t be afraid to think big, this is a key part of all successful marketing videos for business. Don’t assume that the nature of your business is not very interesting/exciting and that no-one will be interested in your film release build up. Whether you’re a plumber or a hotel chain there will be customers out there who WILL be interested in hearing news about your film.

If possible ask your production company to cut a short trailer or snippet from the main film (even if the main film is just 2 mins long you can show a few seconds to whet peoples appetite).

Once the film is finished post it’s release date online (if possible be time specific–ie “See our great new film at 3pm on Friday the 1st!”) and post regular countdown updates in the days prior eg “only 2 days now until our new film goes live!

These messages tell your audience that you have belief and pride in the film you have produced and the excitement you’ve shown in all your pre-awareness messaging should translate directly into viewer anticipation and interest. More importantly this display of belief and pride will also speak volumes about your product and service, and make a firm statement about your passion to deliver.

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