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Animated Explainer Video for Business
Animated Explainer Video for Business

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Animated Explainer Video for Business

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Explainer Video for Technology Company

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Animated Explainer Video for Business

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Animated Explainer Video for business is a key component of any successful brands marketing campaign. Our designers will consider every aspect of your brief and suggest ways to capture your brand and message in a way that engages your audience.

Script development

Animated explainer videos for business are quickly changing the game due to their ability to connect with audiences instantly. We will assign a project manager to your brief to help develop a script from the ground up based on your desired outcomes and project aims.


We’ll supply you with a clear, detailed and accurate storyboard so you can visualise how your final animated explainer video will look right from the outset. Allowing you to provide input and feedback at the earliest stage and ensuring you get the final results you desire.

Eye-catching Animation

Once you’re happy with your storyboard our skilled animators will begin bringing it to life. Using state of the art animation software and years of experience to produce an animated explainer video that engages, informs and entertains the viewer.


We’re as far away from a one size fits all approach to providing voiceover for your animated explainer video as possible. We can cast from a wide selection of talented voiceover artists to ensure we find the right voice and tone for your video and brand.

Social Media Ready

We understand how important social media is for allowing audiences to easily connect with your animated explainer video. So we can provide optimised masters in a range of sizes and formats to suit every social media platform available.

Engage Your Audience

Audiences have a very short attention spans, and it’s often difficult to sum up the aims of your business or demonstrate the use of one of your products quickly. Animated Explainer Video for business create maximum impact as they concisely lay out information in a visual way to engage audiences in a way that the written word simply can’t.

It Starts With You

We begin the process by listening to you and learning all about you, and your customers, ingesting the relevant information so we can present it logically and in a fun and engaging way for your audience.

Inform Your Audience

We’ll use our years of experience in all areas of production to craft Animated Explainer Video for business that engages and informs the audience equally, and reflects the way you talk to them. Call one of our producers today to begin the conversation about how we can help bring you and your customers together.

It is always an absolute pleasure to work with Fortyfoursixteen. They really take on board what you want to achieve, and based on the final outcome of their productions, the quality, and ease of working with them, I would certainly recommend!

Kayleigh Grierson - Gallagher SHILLING

Working with fortyfoursixteen is simple and straighfoward, and they always deliver way above our expectations

Claire Pay
 – Director, Sandison Pay

The end result provided the visual statement I wanted, and I am delighted with the quality of the finished product.

Mike O'Connell - Burhill Golf and Leisure