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Why is a video marketing strategy so important?

By January 18, 2016November 27th, 2019Digital Marketing

The Key to a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

Whether you like it or not, when people encounter your company (in whatever form) they make conscious and sub conscious judgments straight away that affect their feelings towards you as a company. This judgment will have at its core a basic emotion which is strong enough to influence the customer in both positive and negative ways. For instance the second a customer sees your logo for the first time they may form any one of countless sub-conscious opinions. For example:

“This company is fun”
“This company values quality”
“This company is forward thinking”
“This company is a trendsetter”

Think about the amount of time major companies spend developing logos. Most companies invest a great deal of time and money into creating a logo that encapsulates their brand and communicates to the customer exactly what their values and strengths are. This a also certainly true of websites, social media content, printed materials and pretty much any form of marketing or comms material you care to mention. If someone hands you a hand written business card you may question how well they would look after the output quality of any goods or services you might buy from them.

The Judgements People Make Based on Film

In the case of film and you video marketing strategy output these instant judgments that the customer is making are even stronger as the delivery medium (film) is one that is not only emotionally powerful, but it’s also a medium that they choose and are very much at home with. Customers absorb information via moving image and film constantly and as such their expertise in forming snap judgments based on watching such material should not be underestimated.

video marketing strategy

When we are approached to produce a video marketing strategy one of the first things we need to establish is where the customers brand needs to sit in terms of their existing and new customers expectations of their quality, values and output.

For example: if you sell luxury cars then your video marketing strategy output should reflect the quality, style and ultimately customer that you are trying to appeal to. This sounds very obvious in this example but it’s something that can easily be lost when discussing production budgets.

So be realistic about how the video you produce will be interpreted by the viewer. Try to imagine they have never encountered your brand before and anticipate what their initial reaction will be. Ultimately, treat your promotional film and video production as you would your company logo and invest time, money and thought into it to get the best possible results and create a positive impression.

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