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Video Marketing for Business – How do you find the right approach?

Video Marketing for Business – The Formats that Work

Producing video marketing for business today is affordable and reachable for any SME. It’s relatively easy to find a reliable and experienced production company and general awareness and knowledge of digital media has grown to such a degree that there’s a greater understanding of process and much more value for money offered within production budgets. However, exactly what kind of film you should produce is sometimes a question that is seldom asked. By simply asking your production agency to create a “corporate film” you could be missing out on creative options that can make you stand out from the crowd. Below we’ll describe some different ideas and production approaches to give you some inspiration when considering your film.

All about the brand! – “Brand Film”

Brand films are more commonly referred to as “corporate films” and are one of the most popular format of video marketing for business. A brand film is a perfect vehicle to express the beliefs, values and goals of your company. As such they are a great way of introducing new customers to your company or launching a business from the ground up. A Brand film is a good opportunity to give your company a voice and a tone that will form the blueprint for the way new customers interpret you and what you stand for.
These films should not be too product/service specific but instead focus on the people behind the product/service as this is where your brands strongest identity should come from. Content wise you should be looking to capture action and visuals that not only show your product but also show the effect it has on your customers.
When done badly this can come across as corny but if done well the mix of stunning visuals and voiceover should establish exactly who you are and what you stand for. A Brand film may wrongly be seen as quite a luxury in terms of your marketing spend but you only have to glance at the online video customer engagement stats to see that is should be seen as an essential.

video marketing for business

Product Videos

As consumers increasingly demand a way to engage with the shopping process online product films have really come into their own. By producing what is effectively a moving brochure page (although it is also SO much more) you’re customers can see and hear exactly why your product/service is perfect for them. A glossy product film can seduce the customer in such a way that they willingly warm to your pitch.
It’s not a “fast sell” or a “patter” but instead its your product/service shown at it’s glorious best in HD beauty. With effective online distribution of the film you are able to bring your shop, office or outlet straight into the comfort of your customers home.

Case Study Videos (client success)

Producing a video that focuses on one (or more) of your customers allows you to present yourself with a pre-packed customer vote of confidence. A Case study film should be told by your customer and will focus on answering questions such as : “Why they chose your product/service initially?”, “How your product/service enhanced their life/business?”, “What was the business transaction experience like?”.
It’s a powerful way of presenting your company through a 3rd party voice and creates an honest and engaging video. As the old saying goes “people like people” and this is especially true when considering the content of your video.

video marketing for business

Staff Story

A similar option may be to tell your story through your staff. This works especially well in a service driven business and puts the personalities of your key assets front and centre within your communications. Staff stories can be produced relatively easily and can sometimes just require a few interviews and some “action footage” to create a great marketing tool.
Editing is key with this type of video as you’ll need to establish the companies message through the quotes/answers captured. However, when produced well a staff story video will win the trust and interest of customers before they’ve set foot in your location.

The Full Monty – “Promotional Video”

Ok, so a well produced promotional video can tick a lot of boxes and work really hard for your company. A beautifully shot and well crafted short film presenting your product or service in an engaging way can provide you with a versatile and engaging way of spreading your message. Sales presentations and events such as trade shows or exhibitions are great outlets for displaying a promo film but the more obvious outlet is the internet which has given businesses of all sizes a wide scope in which to reach new and existing customers (which we’ve talked about at length in other blogs articles).

Effective promotional films can be a mix of many of the elements described above and feature customers, staff, action and brand values all edited together into a snappy and engaging video.

There are no real set formats to a promotional film and they can be produced in many different ways. However the key is that a promotional video should inspire and engage your viewer. Don’t be afraid to be too dramatic and use music, visuals and graphics to ensure your film has an emotional connection with the viewer.

Video Marketing for Business can be extremely powerful when done correctly, so its important to find the right agency or professionals to use. So take time to find the right producer for your brand and look for video production companies who bring a creative spark and real understanding of your customer to the table.

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