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Viral Marketing

A creative and innovative way to boost brand awareness

Shareable Videos

Video is extremely accessible and exceedingly shareable. We specialise in content that surpasses all expectations, drives awareness and heightens demand through lighthearted videos that encourage brand engagement.

Innovative Concepts

Our innovative viral marketing experts are always on hand to ensure your video thrives. With years of experience working with some of London and the UK’s leading brands, our team are experts in viral videos that will be remembered.

Original Ideas

We have the passion and enthusiasm to shape viral marketing concepts that will take your business to new heights. Our producers constantly think outside the box, propelling you far ahead of the curve with lighthearted, shareable videos.

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viral marketing hampshire
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The Scale of Video

Online video is growing rapidly, with 24 hours of video uploaded to YouTube in the time it took you to read this sentence. To stand out in that crowd is no mean feat. We have years of experience, an in-depth knowledge, and the especial creativity to start your video on the path to self sustained circulation.

Optimised for the Platform

Choosing the right platform is what makes talking content sing. We love optimisation, understanding the nuances of the platform and precisely targeting the video. The reward is exponential growth of brand visibility fuelled by viral marketing content that people want to watch and share.

Setting the Tone

We take care to understand the values you’d like to establish within your video, guaranteeing the right tone is established every time. Using current trends we predict what—and how—viewers will want to watch, creating modern, relevant videos that propel your viral marketing to large scale circulation.

Being Remembered

Viral marketing is punchy, impressive, and over in a flash. For real success, we use original concepts that leave your brand in the minds of potential customers long after the video ends. By balancing standing out from the crowd with mainstream  trends, your videos will be loved by the viewers.

The Key to Viral Marketing

The first hurdle is captivating your target audience, a skill we take pride in. Forming a deep understanding of the intended demographic results in concepts that are sure to catch their eye. From meticulous editing to attentive thumbnail choice, our focus will ensure your video drives interest and engagement.

Likes, Shares & Engagement

Getting likes and shares pouring in relies on spot on content. From the beginning of it’s planning, our marketing experts will work on your project to target it specifically at your demographic. With in depth audience analysis, we’ll learn what your viewers enjoy watching and sculpt the video for their taste.

fortyfoursixteen's suggestions for the format, the techniques, the pace, were right on target with what we were looking for. In fact, they showed us possibilities that we would never have thought of.

Maura Power - TASIS

The team understood and developed the project briefs and requirements to produce an outstanding film. We would highly recommend fortyfoursixteen for any organisation.

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viral marketing london
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