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Explainer videos for business

that drive sales and engagement


Explainer videos for business

Explainer videos for business are the perfect tool to connect and engage with your customers in a way that matches the way they prefer to consume information. Explainer videos work incredibly well on social media and video sharing sites and have a proven track record of boosting engagement and visibility of you as a business or organisation.

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Explainer videos have an added edge over traditional live action corporate video as they are relative quicker to produce, more cost effective, can be easily updated and can deliver your message in a quick and efficient way.

Explainer videos can be used by businesses or organisations for a wide manner of campaigns from providing user walktlhoughts of new products or services, illustrating and clearly explaining complex communications, and providing a fret tool fro training and education to name just a few.

They are effective because they combine mediums to fuse your message and deliver it in a way that instantly unforgettable to the viewer.

Explainer videos for business
Our experienced team will work with you to identify the most suitable style and approach to  the artwork in your explainer video to ensure the illustrations feel part of your brand and identity.

We’ll then carefully develop a script that delivers the message with impact and clarity.

From there we can devise a storyboard for your animation which will allow you to visualise every part of the final film and provide a great opportunity to feedback and tweak and elements prior to the animation commencing.

Explainer videos for business
Once you’re happy our skilful animators will bring the whole thing to life by creating dynamic animations that delight and captivate your audience.

Finally we can produce masters in a variety of sizes, format and file types to suit every form of social media available. This allows you to deploy your animated explainer video easily and effectively.

This is why animated explainer videos for business have become a key tool in any successful brads marketing tool kit and have proven to deliver results on your investment.

So why not call our team today to discuss how we can produce your next explainer video and supercharge your video marketing!