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Explainer Video

Explainer Videos are a great way to reach your audience in an engaging and entertaining way. They fuse dynamic animation and artwork with voiceover and music to create a viewer experience that ensures your message is delivered.

At fortyfoursixteen we’ve produced explainer videos for nearly 20 years so we have solid experience in finding the right approach for your brand and your unique message.

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Explainer Video
Our experienced team can supply every aspect of the production from concept and briefing to scripting, and voiceover casting to animating. 

Once you’re explainer video is completed we can supply it in multiple sizes and format to suit every possible platform available. From your own website to video sites like YouTube and Vimeo, and a range of social media optimised sizes including twitter, facebook, instagram and linkedin.

Explainer videos are perfect for a wide range of platforms and are especially powerful on Social media. By using dynamic animation, bright colours and expert design they provide an eye-catching and attention grabbing asset for your marketing outreach.

Explainer videos also convey their message economically due to fusing Voiceover, illustration and often call out text on screen, so they are perfect for captivating audiences with notoriously short attention spans.

Here’s a little more about the production process:

Once we’ve discussed your brief and ensured that we’ve understand your goals clearly our team will start to develop a script (although you may already have developed this internally). 

We’ll identify the art direction of your explainer video so that the artwork, elements, text, and characters featured in your video capture your brands identity perfectly and deliver your message in an appropriate style.

Next we’ll produce a detailed storyboard that demonstrates what the viewer will see and hear for every line of the script.

Once the storyboard is agreed we’ll start work on the animation to produce dynamic movement and layout that brings the story to life and ensures we capture the viewers attentions form the get go!

We’ll also send you a shortlists of Voiceover casting snippets reading a small section of the script. This allows us to select a voiceover artist that feels part of your brand and identity and delivers the script in the perfect tone and pitch.

Once the animation is complete we’ll send it to you for review and feedback. We can apply any amendments you require to ensure we work towards a final film that’s perfect in every way.

Finally we can compress, format and re-size your agreed master version so that its optimised and ready for deployment on any platform including all social media, video hosting sites and, of course, your own website.

We’re also happy to provide input and expertise on tagging, naming, and positioning of your film online to maximise its reach and ultimately viewers!

Explainer Videos are cost effective, powerful and effective. Call our team today to discuss how we can produce your next expander video and supercharge your video marketing!

Explainer Video