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Explainer Video Company

We are fortyfoursixteen.

We are an Explainer Video Company with nearly 20 years experience in bringing businesses, brands and organisations to life.

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Explainer Video Company
Our team have years of experience and expertise in video marketing and animation production allowing us to produce Explainer videos with true stand out quality. Whatever the style and art direction, we aim to always deliver explainer videos that delight and inform the audience from the vert first second.
We believe that at the heart of every powerful animation, there’s a strong story. So our team spend time getting to know your brand and your customers to ensure we can tell your story in the most effective and memorable way.

We like to think our unique approach makes us stand out as an Explainer Video Company. All of our team have wider experience in digital marketing, film making, and design as well as animation of course, allowing us to develop ideas that break the mould of conventional explainer video content.

We can supply as much or as little input as you require at the early stages of your project. You may have a firm idea of the script and art direction, or you may looking for a complete end to end solution for your brief.

Explainer Video Company
You can provide input on any and all aspects of your explainer video meaning you can also manage costs and excuser your video meets your budget requirements perfectly.

So you can cherry pick from our knowledge and experience in any of the following fields:


Concept artwork

Script development


Artwork Development

Voiceover Casting and Recording



Optimising for Social Media
We believe an explainer video company should provide guidance and expertise to clients before, during, and after production of their video marketing assets. Thats why we also provide advice and input in how to maximise your videos reach and impact on social media and beyond.