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Animated video production

Animated videos are a great way to capture your audiences attention in an entertaining and engaging way. 

Fortyfoursixteen have produced animated videos for a wide variety of businesses and organisations for a diverse range of uses.

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The most popular form of animated video production for business is the explainer video. Explainer videos harness the power of creative animation, a well crafted script and an evocative soundtrack to create a powerful final film that can deliver your message in an unforgettable way.

Animated video production has many advantages over traditional location based filming. For years many corporate videos, brand videos and marketing videos relied upon live action filming to convey their message. 

Animated video production
However location filming can be costly and time consuming. Conversely animated video has no location fees, no actors to pay, no camera crew or lighting to be factored in. They provide a means of producing video marketing assets that offer far greater bang for buck than traditional approaches.

Animated video production also benefits from being a responsive medium that, when compared to live action location filming can be quick to produce. And if campaigns change over time animated video can be updated and revised at a fraction of the cost of live action allowing for cost effective future updating.

Animated video production
Animated explainer videos also benefit from a powerful engagement factor. They are viewer friendly and command outstanding “watch to finish” stats due to tier short durations and watchability.

We’re happy to guide customers through the entire production process and our experienced team will work with you to develop the best script, approach and style for your animated video. We’ll provide storyboards to give you visibility of how your final film will look and take time to find the right voiceover artist for your brand and message.

We can also help you maximise the impact and reach of your final film by guiding you through the best approach to positioning your video on social media.

So why not drop us a line today and find out how Animated video production can boost your message and brand!