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Animated Explainer Video

Animated Explainer Video is the ideal way to connect with your customers in today noisy digital landscape. Providing viewers with desirable, and engaging ways to identify the information they are seeking is one of the key strengths of an Animated Explainer Video.

They are a powerful way to deliver information that can cover the widest are of purposes, from product lunches to walkthroughs or guide, from training video to brand introductions, from presentation tools to social media assets.

The range of effective uses for Animated Explainer Video is never ending. Click here to see some great examples of our work

Animated Explainer Video
At fortyfoursixteen we’ve been producing successful animated explainer video campaigns for clients for over 20 years. We’ve worked with global organisations and SMEs to produce video marketing content that ensures audiences sit up and take notice and delivers our clients message effectively and efficiently. 
And we’ll work with you every step fo the way to ensure nothing is lost in translation and that every part of the desired message hits home. 

We do this by creating explainer videos that capture your brand and identity effortlessly, by crafting script and narratives that hold the viewers attention right to the very last frame.

Our designers will then set to work developing the artwork and style of the animation and provide your with a range of directions and solutions to your brief.

Once the script and artwork style is agreed our team will produce detailed storyboards showing you how the animation will unfold and how your message will be visually conveyed. The storyboards provide you with a visualisation of the final film and an opportunity to change and amend any and all elements before the animation production commences.

Once we’ve agreed the storyboard we’ll set to work producing the animation. Using state of the art software and years on animation experience and skills our animators will produce a dynamic movement of text, artwork and elements to engage each and every viewer.

Animated Explainer Video
The audible elements of your Animated Explainer Video are just as important as the visual so we’ll provide you with a wide range of suitable voiceover artist options and musical soundtracks to ensure that the whole package stays on message and on brand.

Finally once the animation is complete we can work with you to supply the final film in a variety of sizes and formats all optimised for the range of social media and digital platforms available. This means your final Animated Explainer Video is ready to be deployed instantly however you choose to distribute it.

So why not drop us a line today and find out how an Animated Explainer Video can help you deliver your message in a powerful way!